His mountaine in times past is acutely better peopled

Heere is actually in addition a faire colledge mainly based, where Mahumetan lawe is publikely trained, in which result in the population was freed from all the tributes and you may exactions. Afterward a certaine tirant getting aided of the queen away from Fez, generated this mountaine to become tributarie vnto your ; but first he place the people in order to trip, right after which destroied new colledge, by which was founde bookes woorth a whole lot more following fowre thousand ducates, and the learned and greatest men he cruelly lay with the blade. This was done in new 918. yeere of Hegeira, which was on the yeere your Lord From mount Tezarin. Vpon the top thereof stand diuers ancient buildings, and that (therefore farre foorth when i can also be coniecture) was erected of the Romains. This is how (as is before signified) certaine happy some one continually research in caues and you may openings of planet on Romains value. Most of the society from the mountaine is actually really ignorant anyone, and you will significantly oppressed having exactions.168

Their mountaine called by the society Tezarin, standeth neer vnto the new foresaid Beni Ierso, & aboundeth significantly with fountaines, deserts, & vineyards

Their is actually a most cooler mountaine, and therefore it yeeldeth none corne neither cattell, one another from the reasoning of your own significant coldnes, together with barrennes thereof. Moreouer the fresh leaues of your trees are not complement goates so you’re able to feede vpon. It haue brilliant plentie of crazy, that they profusely

give the fresh citie from Fez, as well as other neighbour metropolises and you can townes therewith. All of their red grapes was blacke, whereof they make a great certaine charming meate titled Zibibbo. They generate at exactly the same time great store regarding must and wine. They are clad from inside the certaine woollen clokes otherwise mantles, such as for example are vsed from inside the Italy: these types of mantles haue certaine hoods, and that couer the thoughts and you can visages, to be able to scarce discerne them to getting people : consequently they are particoloured having blacke and you will light spots. Within the winter months brand new resellers one resort vnto this mountaine in order to carrie out wild and raisins vnto Fez, can also be scarce finde any meate to eate, to possess there was neither corne nor fleshe, but onely onions and you can certaine sodium fishes wooplus çevrimiçi, which happen to be high deere. They vse at the same time in order to eate sodden need to and you will beanes dressed once the fashion, referring to the fresh daintiest food that this mountaine normally affoord; and their sodden have to it eate having far money.169 Out-of install Beni Gualid.

T are a going over high and you can steepe mountain, plus the inhabitants are particularly rich, getting of their blacke grapes they make the fresh new foresaid meate named Zibibbo. Almondes, figges, and you can oliues they haue during the great variety : none spend it any tribute vnto the fresh new king out of Fez, but onely for every family a-quarter part of an excellent ducate, to the stop they may haue 100 % free libertie so you can buie and you can sell in the Fez market. Of course, if any citizen out-of Fez doth them people wrong, after they capture your otherwise anie out-of his kinred in their mountaine, they won’t experience your so you can returne home to Fez, right until adequate recompence be manufactured. These people wade decently apparelled, in addition they haue a good priuilege offered, one to whatsoeuer persons try banished from Fez, get easily remaine in their mountaine ; yea, they bestow their liuing gratis vpon such banished people, for as long as it remain around them And you can doubtles if this mountaine was subiect vnto the’

The ladies of the mountaine the white iniurie supplied by its husbands, leauing foorthwith its saide husbands and children, commonly depart vnto some other mountaine, and you can seeke him or her newe paramours complement the laughs

queen off Fez, it might affoord your yeerely for tribute sixe thousand ducates : because of it containeth mo then sixe hundreth rich families.170 From mount Merniza. Their mountaine standeth iust by the previous, the society getting endued with similar nobilitie, libertie, and you can wealth, that the individuals of the former is endued with. By which trigger he could be at the continuall warre that which have another: none will they be reconciled right up until the guy which is past owned of the lady spend her former husband all of the such as currency since the guy invested on solemnizing of the girl wedding : and so it objective they haue certaine iudges, which make its poore clients spend all of their entire material.171