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Buying a company to add its assets, staff and customers to your own is one of the most effective ways for a business to grow. This strategy can also have many pitfalls that must be avoided. Overpaying for assets, lack of an integration plan and cultural mismatch are only a few of these.

When it’s time to sell a business – in whole or in part – here again, the stakes are high. A business owner might have spent a lifetime building the business, and they naturally want to be rewarded in fair measure to what they have contributed.

Vantage Point can bring our decades of experience, and knowledge of current tax policy and business best practices, to your acquisition or sale process. Sometimes an opportunity emerges quickly and must be evaluated and acted upon. In other cases, it’s a carefully planned, multi-year process.

Consultation on business valuation

Acquisition sales strategy

Due diligence and investigations

Tax and estate planning considerations

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At Vantage Point Chartered Professional Accountants we have taken on the mission of making the business acquisition and the process of selling a business as smooth, effective, and efficient as possible. Always focused on client success and satisfaction as a top priority our business development consultancy services provide a wide array of support to the community when it comes to honest and trustworthy transactions between parties. With years of professional experience our professional team has the talent and resources to help facilitate any business sale/acquisition need that might arise. Regardless of whatever business development consulting requirements or questions you may want guidance on we have you covered.

Having extensive experience and a long history in helping our clients with business acquisitions, we at Vantage Point Chartered Professional Accountants have dedicated years of focus to making the sale/acquisition of a business as simple and straightforward as possible. Always holding our clients’ best interests at the forefront of every business development consulting and consultancy process, our staff goes above and beyond to assure business exchanges meet guidelines and expectations for all involved. Always advising on ownership transfers with transparency and integrity, our clients in Cranbrook and the surrounding area can feel confident in the deals we advise on. We know just how difficult and confusing a business acquisition can be which is why we take a holistic approach to business acquisitions/sales.

Showcasing team members that are proficient in every aspect of a business sale there is no detail missed when working with our experts at Vantage Point Chartered Professional Accountants. Always looking for new directions to take our business development consultancy, we strive to stay on the cutting edge of business acquisition processes and best practices. Taking a progressive and proactive approach to business development consultancy is what allows us to provide maximum benefits for our clients. If reliable and professional business acquisition preparation and execution is what you are searching for, then we want to hear from you.

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