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Compliance with tax and lender obligations is an essential part of the foundation of any successful business. We don’t stop there. Our team of professionals looks beyond the numbers to give you value-added insight to guide your everyday decision-making and long-range planning.


Vantage Point brings deep expertise and decades of experience to your corporate financial statements and tax returns. For many of our business clients, we’re not just a quarterly or annual service provider. We’re an advisor who takes the time to understand your business and family needs, and brings this knowledge to the work we do for you.

Tax Consulting

In virtually anything you do as a business, and in many cases as an individual, there are tax implications that must be considered. You don’t like it when you pay more tax than you have to, and neither do we. We advocate having a tax plan that looks years down the road. Let’s start yours today.

Management Consulting

Taxation and financial statements are only part of what you need as business. You also need data and insight to help you make management decisions. Based on our long experience working with business clients in our area, we offer an informed perspective on how to maximize business results, employee performance and shareholder rewards.


At one stage of your business’ journey, you could be a buyer of corporate assets. Toward the end, you might be looking to sell all or part of what you’ve built. We’ve helped many clients successfully execute both acquisitions and sales and can advise you on valuation, timing, due diligence, tax issues, financing and more.


A lifetime of hard work can result in a significant legacy for your family’s next generation. If you’re not careful, though, taxes payable can take a significant portion of an estate’s value. Through our estate planning practice, we can ensure assets are distributed as you intend, while minimizing associated tax obligations.


Trusts can be an effective way to achieve your estate planning goals in a tax-efficient manner. Long-term planning and a close client-advisor relationship can help ensure that the trust is established for the right reasons and is managed in the correct manner.


The fact is, many of us will enjoy, not years but decades of retirement, with personal and family income needs that are significant and complex. Our advice can help you build your assets to match your long-term needs, so you can meet your personal goals and family obligations while minimizing tax.


Your personal tax situation offers opportunities to minimize tax paid while meeting your personal financial goals. Let’s start a discussion about strategies you can use today and tomorrow to keep more of what you’ve worked so hard to earn. By getting to know you and your family, we can provide a deeper level of insight and service.


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